Dec 16

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Aug 09

The Resident SOB (AKA Bruce Horn) : RIP Brother


I was not really close friends with SOB but I knew him well enough to know he was a good guy.  He was very well liked by everyone that knew him.  He was a  very giving person and did give much of his personal time as well as other things in the Bikers Against Child Abuse Organization.  He was a on air personality for the Four Horsemen show BACA Nation. I was invited to the show by SOB one time to talk about the website and events.  He helped me get a commercial for the site made and aired on the program by him and the other three great guys that ran it.

I know there are many people hurting right now at the loss of a good friend. I pray for his wife and family right now.  Letting them know that he is in an easier place right now.  His suffering in this life is done and God is taking care of him.  Lord please be with his family and friends and help them to remember the good things he contributed during his short time on this earth.  Help ease the hurting they are feeling right now let them know he is with you looking down at the great things his friends are continuing to do for your children.

If I know one thing about SOB it is that he would want people to celebrate his life much more than mourn his loss. Rest easy brother, you will be missed but you will always be remembered by those who loved you and respected you.

This is The Resident SOB we remember.

Sep 25

2012 Reunion in the bag

Well another one bites the dust.  We had a great time this year with Signal 88 who turned out to be pretty good for a new band.  New Dynasty Rocked as usual and Done Deal was new to several people who really liked them.  I know I had seen them several times before at Sparks and they always do a great job.  Thanks to all the bands for putting on a great show.

Weather was not a problem again this year.  I know it scared a bunch of people off but they really missed out.  Got a little rain in the beginning but then everything cleared off and the party rocked.  You guys are going to learn, this weekend was chosen for a reason.  The weather always turns out to be great.  Everyone always doubts it right up until time. (right tank?)

I really want to thank all the people that put in time and money on this party for coming out and making an effort with me in growing the party.  To the folks who came and partied with us, Thanks to you too.  It takes bodies to make the party.  I cant have all the trimmings without the heads coming in the gate.  Thanks to everyone who came out and made 2012 reunion a success.


Sep 17

OKR Member Jerald Custard went down

This is the story from the Stillwater Newspress LINK

STILLWATER, Okla. — Jerald Custard, 51, of Stillwater is in serious condition at OU medical center after colliding with a deer.

A report by Oklahoma Highway Patrol shows Custard was driving his motorcycle on Coyle Road near 92nd Street when he struck a deer Thursday shortly before 4 a.m.

Custard was transported by ambulance to Stillwater Medical Center then transferred to OU medical center in serious condition with head and trunk internal injuries, the report states.

The report attributed the cause of the collision to an animal in the roadway.


This is the latest update I have seen from Jeralds wife Dawna

hello friends and family first thank you all for the thoughts and prayers update: Jerald is very tough man, he’s is as comfortable as he can be they really take good care of him here. I’m impressed there is not much change lung wise remember they said worse before better he has had the oxygen level still at 50 percent to work toward removal of the breathing machine please continue to pray for him an ty all I’m so glad Babygirl is almost home I’m at the airport so I wanted to update while I had a minute love to all

Please keep Jerald and his family in your thoughts and prayers and watch out for critters on the road.


Update 7PM  9-17-2012

hello all Update: Jerald eyes looked clearer today, he also is handling his lung therapy better, they did ultra sound checking for blood clots. He can communicate by eyes and nodding and squeezing my hand we are hoping to get breathing tube off in a few days praise God, then he will be able to communicate better thanks again for all thoughts and prayer that you’ve all sent. I’m am worn out and will be staying in okc tonite in leuw of driving home oh an I’m loving that Lyndi is here and got to see and talk to Clayton :) more later

Updated 3PM 9-19-2012 from Daze (Jeralds Daughter)

Update on my dad. They took his breathing tube out this morn. He has to b checked by the lung doctor n physical therapist. But so far this is good news. I felt torn yesterday with leaving today but he looks like he is on the upside of the accident. He still has a long road ahead n will still b in the hospital for awhile. Thanks to everyone that kept my dad in their thoughts and prayers I know it helped him pull through. My family is grateful for that. So thank u all from the bottom of our heart’s! More later….I fly out to head to Miami at 615 cst

Sep 01

Bret Michaels meeting Kevin Sockwell

[jwplayer mediaid="1120"]

Aug 05

Thanks to the Fire Fighters

Special thank you going out to all the paid and unpaid (Volunteer Fire Fighters) in Oklahoma.  Many homes and personal property has gone up over the last week but without you so much more could have gone up.  We know you guys and girls are working around the clock doing all you can.  I think I speak for all the people around Oklahoma when I say Thank you so much!

Aug 02

Head-on crash on State Highway 18 in Payne County


A Pawnee man died late Wednesday afternoon at the scene of a head-on crash on State Highway 18 in Payne County.



State police said Christopher Allen Dilley, 26, was driving his motorcycle south on State Highway 18 at about 5:43 p.m. when he went left of center and hit a truck driven by Richard James Blalock, of Colgate. The motorcycle went off the road and Dilley died from massive injuries, police said.

Blalock was not injured and neither were the three passengers in his truck.

State police are investigating the cause of the crash.
Read more:

Jul 30

Reunion Party Update

Ok here is the update that I think is the final plans and a flyer.

September 14-16

Live Music both nights
Band Lineup

This is the yearly party for Members and friends to get together. This is an open event so bring your friends. No children, 21 over only No Guns, No Glass, No Attitudes.

$20 for two nights of live music, $1.50 beer and free tent camping and great people to party with. You dont even have to leave when your too loaded to drive.


Friday 9-14
New Dynasty @ 9pm

Saturday 9-15
Benefit Poker Run starting around 2pm $20/rider $10/passenger. Free Poker run T-Shirt included
Signal 88 @ 7pm
Done Deal @ 9pm

POKER RUN SATURDAY AFTERNOON $20/Rider $10/passenger FREE run T-Shirt included

Live Music 3 Bands
Benefit Poker Run ( )
50/50 Drawing
Food vendor (breakfast and BBQ)
Margarita Booth will be open
T-Shirt vendor will be selling 2012 Reunion shirts
Free tent camping
$1.50 beer
Ice sold on site

FYI: The heat has ended by this time.  This is the reason for this particular date because the temperature is always perfect

Check in the event page on Facebook and confirm if you are coming so we can know what to count on.

Jul 15

Benefit Bike wash in Norman

Bike Wash & Fund-raiser

Location: 6221 N. Interstate Drive Norman, Oklahoma 73069


Sponsor: Mooney’s Pub & Grill

Business:  Mooney’s Pub & Grill

If you dont have anything else to do Wednesday, go get your bike washed for a good cause.  While your there have a Steak and a beer.  Tell The red head (Biker Red) sent ya.

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Jul 14

OKR Reunion 50/50 Drawing

I will be doing a 50/50 Drawing at the reunion for Samantha Gurley’s liver transplant.  One of our members is an event coordinator and does a lot of work for this cause.  If you would like to read more about Samantha Gurley and what the donations will be helping check out This is as good a cause as any to get behind and everyone likes a 50/50 drawing.

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